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We develop and manufacture low-cost, energy-efficient IoT solutions and devices with seamless and global 0G-connectivity. We provide all the tools to build and manage your data driven business needs – FoxerIoT platform, off-the-shelf products, and customised IoT products and projects.

Facility management

Applications within your facilities are abundant. IoT enhanced spaces enable for fully optimised day-to-day operations, as well as reduction of long-term costs.

Indoor air quality

IoT solutions and sensors helping you to optimise ventilation and building maintenance for energy savings, and ensure healthy, productive spaces.

Asset monitoring

Global solutions, cold-chain monitoring, fleet utilisation, stolen and lost items recovery. The most cost efficient solutions for your asset monitoring needs.

Tailored & industrial

Plug-and-play devices tailored to your needs from circuit board software design to mass productions, production capabilities from tens to tens of thousands.

Data-driven solutions

Affordable, energy-efficient, and simple network of sensors and devices.

Global Network

Longest Battery Life

Lowest Cost

Long Range

Reliable & Secure

Connected Devices

Connected AirWits

Indoor temperature and humidity

Connected AirWits Plus

Indoor temperature and humidity, E-ink display

Connected AirWits CO2

Carbon dioxide (co2), temperature and humidity

Connected AirWits IAQ

Total volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity

Connected AirWits PM

Particulate matter, temperature and humidity (PM1, 2.5, 10)

Connected PressGuard

Air pressure differences, two measuring points

Connected FlexSense

Temperature and humidity with external probes

Connected Detectify

Indoor motion detector, wide & narrow range

Connected Ranger

Fleet and asset tracking

Connected MultiGuard

Various industrial retrofitting sensor

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Indoor Air Quality

We believe clean and safe indoor air is a human right. For more than five years we’ve been investing and innovating revolutionary Indoor air quality solutions and sensors, which are maintenance free, accessible and ultra low cost, reliable, plug-and-play, easy to install by anyone. Everyone deserves to see the air around us, and enabling continuous measuring of indoor air quality visibility is now simpler than ever.

Our Covid-19 response is also a solution fit for your facilities.

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Data Platform

Our FoxerIoT software data platform is the simplest way to manage and analyse all of the data points that are important to you. Everything from temperature, air quality and CO2 monitoring to voltage torque and more.

Here’s why:

1. Super simple dashboard
2. IoT that’s optimised to your needs
3. Real-time data sharing
4. Enabling fast business decisions

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