Asset behavioural data enables a fully optimised supply chain operation through remote monitoring and accurate readings. Enable seamless data collection and information sharing over company boundaries by connecting stakeholders and existing backend systems.


A solid long-term solution for demanding and large-scale tracking conditions. 1 minute installation procedure and requires neither special tools nor configuration operation, with independence from manual on-site monitoring.

Effective monitoring = Money saving.

Asset monitoring devices

Why Connected asset monitoring devices?

Not at all, they can be retrofitted to your specific needs, in almost all spaces and facilities and are quite literally plug-and-play installation.
Each device are then individually responsible for themselves in the legacy system, with configurable payload settings.

Connected Ranger in use


Provide monitoring accuracy with long-term, agile, and maintenance free our IoT asset monitoring solutions.

Cold chain monitoring

Using wireless sensors to measure and record real-time temperature in remote locations. The term “cold-chain” refers to the supply chain that delivers products and materials that will be spoiled or destroyed if temperature varies beyond the prescribed range, this can be anything from refrigeration, to food ingredients, to refrigerated vaccines.

Connected FlexSense is a connected temperature and humidity metering device with external sensor cable(s). You can choose between temperature probe and temperature and humidity probe. The device has a long battery life of five years.

FlexsSense allows for maintaining consistent temperature throughout the supply chain from:

Manufacturing -> transportation -> customs -> storage -> end-usage.

Fleet optimisation

Enable tracking and specialised data analytics with 100 percent transparency to assets, anytime and anywhere across the world. Fitting maintenance-free devices with the longest years of battery-life is easy and cost-effective.

Devices commonly installed with roll-cages, cargo containers, and cleaning machinery. However applications are vast and fit multi-changing environments.

Ensure safe handling of assets of any scale, whilst also being a scalable solution. The greatest threats our solution fixes are:

  1. Reduced loss and theft ratios
  2. High fleet utilisation
  3. Timely and predictability of assets
  4. Reduced manual processes and bottlenecks in fleet management
  5. Lifecycle optimisation
  6. Automatic continuous inventory for optimal planning and load carrier optimisations
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