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International workspace provider HB Reavis and Connected Inventions have signed a strategic global partner agreement

International workspace provider HB Reavis and Connected Inventions (part of Connected Finland) have signed a strategic global partner agreement. The partnership covers Connected Inventions’ fleet of intelligent Sigfox-based IoT-devices and connectivity. HB Reavis and its Symbiosy team develop advanced smart office spaces enhancing productivity and wellbeing to its customers internationally. At the first stage of the partnership, Connected

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Caverion chose Connected Finland as strategic partner in IOT solutions

Caverion Corporation specialises in designing, building and maintaining user-friendly and energy-efficient building systems. Caverion employs over 16000 professionals in 11 countries and is listed in Nasdaq Helsinki. The Caverion SmartView digital platform enables its users to see building performance data in one easy-to-use portal. Caverion SmartView collects and combines data from BMS and from IoT-sensors

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Connected Finland’s financing round completed – JNT makes major investment in the growing company

Connected Finland Oy is a Finnish Internet of Things company that operates Sigfox technology for wireless, low power consumption and long-range connectivity, allowing even large amounts of devices to be connected to the network easily and inexpensively. Connected Finland builds, operates and develops Sigfox networks in Finland and Estonia. The company’s network already covers

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Sensors shows real time temperature on Kaitalampi beach in Espoo

Kaitalampi on noin 1200m pitkä ja keskimäärin 100m leveä. Alla Suomen Ympäristökeskuksen vuonna 2008 tekemä laaja selvitys Kaitalammen veden laadusta ja ympäristöstä. Kaitalammen vesi on erittäin puhdasta, koska alueella ei ole sitä kuormittavia päästöjä, myöskään sinilevää ei ole havaittu lammen vedessä. Uintipaikan ylläpitäjä on Helsingin kaupungin Liikuntavirasto, joka onkin parantanut Kaitalammen uintiolosuhteita entistä paremmiksi huomioiden

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Connected Finland Oy and Fortum have signed an international cooperation agreement for IoT communications solutions

Fortum strengthens cost-effective and secure communications solutions in partnership with Connected Finland. Development contains Fortum’s SmartLiving services, which are smart solutions for homeowners, builders and private homes. SmartLiving services can be used for monitoring indoor temperature and humidity measurements of buildings, as an example. Key point is to develop IoT-based services according to the

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